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At The Ramirez Legal Group, our clients are our main priority, not our profits. Our guiding principle is quality over quantity--quality of results and service over quantity of clients and profits.

If you were a pedestrian hit by a car, and you needed (or need) more than a couple medical visits, you are likely to be entitled to significant compensation. This is true even if you were struck outside of a crosswalk or you were partially at fault. Pedestrian accidents are usually complex in that liability is often contested and injuries are usually serious. In most cases, you will need a good personal injury to receive maximum compensation.

Drivers, and their insurance companies, will often argue that the pedestrian was at least partially at fault for the accident. They will often allege that the pedestrian wasn’t watching where they were going, was crossing where they shouldn’t, suddenly ran or walked into the street, or was crossing when they weren’t supposed to. A good lawyer will obtain evidence to counter these accusations, will know or research relevant law, will interview witnesses, and will make compelling arguments as to why the driver should be held 100% responsible.

Have you been in a pedestrian accident and need legal help?

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